Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Pickled

A few days ago, I received a "care package" of sorts from Katster.

In a Pickle

Knowing of my fondness for evil dill pickle flavored Pringles and my complaints that they are hard to find around where I live, Kat saw these (which are presumably just dill pickle Pringles with the Rick and Morty "special edition" branding) in Sacramento and sent me a couple of them.

My thanks to Kat for the present. I've enjoyed it.

Lisa and I ventured out this afternoon for perishable foods. Shelf-stable foods are well-stocked for multiple weeks. Raley's grocery store was mercifully quiet, so we could get our shopping done without having to dodge people doing drunkard's walks around the store. Lisa also spotted something that Raley's is doing to help with sanitation that we may explore for Westercon 74 if we can afford it. More about that later, possibly.
Tags: food

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