Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home Cooking, Episode 3

As long as possible, the plan is to try and eat well during our semi-isolation. Tonight, Lisa cooked the duck we bought from Butcher Boy a week ago in Reno. (This was a frozen duck, and it was no problem to let it defrost for a few days in the refrigerator.) She used the same honey glaze that she did for Christmas, and overall this was similar to our Christmas dinner. It was very good. Once again I have the remnants of the duck simmering in a pot on the wood stove with the hope that I can boil most of the meat off of the bones and make duck soup. It didn't go that well at Christmas, but I think that's because I left it cooking for too long.
Tags: "home cooking", food, quarantine

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