Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hugo Award Announcements Posted

As I finally finished yet another 10-plus-hour stint at the Day Jobbe, I intended to relax a little bit. However, a press release arrived from CoNZealand just as I was shutting down, so I got the two separate pieces of Hugo Award news up on the Hugo Awards web site, the Hugo Awards Twitter feed, and the Hugo Awards Facebook page:

2020/1945 Hugo Award Base Designers Announced

Hugo Award Finalists to be Announced April 8 (New Zealand)/April 7 (Americas and Europe)

These two announcements were combined into a single press release, but I split them into separate posts when I put them up on the Hugo Awards site, to avoid "burying the lede" on either of them.

Okay, now I can stop thinking too hard for a while, I hope.
Tags: hugo award, work
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