Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


Not a whole lot to do this weekend, which is just as well, as the week just past took a lot out of me. I've tried to get out for a walk each day, but otherwise it's been work and sleep and that's about it, except for one trip to Walgreen's to try and get some OTC medications. (Nothing for cold symptoms; this is unrelated, but it seemed good to get about a month ahead on certain consumables. Our larder is sufficiently stocked that we don't really need to get out again right now. I've been able to get milk from Family Dollar, doing my best to stay away from other people, although that's challenging because of the people not taking things seriously IMO. We have a few dust masks left from work on the house, so if I follow the CDC guidelines and start wearing one, maybe other people will avoid me instead.

On the home cooking front, I have finally deboned the leftover duck and am in the process of simmering down the stock to the point where I expect that I'll have duck soup/duck stew in a few days. Lisa made lamb stew again from the last batch of stewing lamb we found in Raley's. She, like me, isn't doing very much. It's all a wait to see what new developments are.
Tags: house, quarantine

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