Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

All Quiet on the Fernley Front

I think I'm mostly caught up on things that can be done right now. It's still a waiting game on a lot of things happening later this year.

Formula 1 racing is, like almost everything else, on hold right now, but F1 is authorizing an e-sports version of their grands prix, with a bunch of actual race car drivers and a few celebrities competing. I watched today's race, which used the Melbourne track because Vietnam (whose turn it would have been this week) isn't in the 2019 version of the game. It was entertaining enough to pass the time. I didn't see the first race two weeks ago, but from the commentary this week, I understand that they turned off some of the realism so that when you whacked into a wall, you just bounced off rather than actually crashing, on account of few of the race participants had any experience with the electronic version of the race, even if they were experienced actual F1 drivers, and that makes sense.

I ventured out on foot to collect this weekend's mail and to buy a gallon of milk. In keeping with the newest advice from the CDC, I wore a face mask while in the post office and the Family Dollar store. (Not an N95, of course, but one of the particle masks we bought for use with home improvement projects. I wish we'd remembered to wear them while we were accessing the attic space a few days ago, for I'm sure we inhaled some fiberglass insulation while moving the trap door.) Away from the store, on the open streets, with nobody else in sight (save a few passing motorists), I figured it would be okay to take the mask off. I sprayed it with Lysol when I got home. It may not make much of a difference, but what it can do, I did.

While it's maddening that we have such an incompetent boob leading the country at the national level, and some have (rightly) stated that the haphazard US government structure can hamper a unified response to a worldwide threat, I do think that the federal structure means that those of us living in states with someone saner leadership (mostly, but not entirely, led by Democrats) have at least a somewhat better chance than those people in those states whose leaders apparently want their own citizens to die so that their stock portfolios will increase in value.
Tags: formula 1, quarantine

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