Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Winter's Not Done Just Yet

This morning, I opened the front door to go put seed in the bird feeder and got a surprise.

Spring Snow

Between 1-2 cm of snow fell overnight. I'd seen there was lots of snow in the Sierra, with I-80 having chain controls for long stretches and being intermittently closed due to spinouts, but I was surprised to find this much this far east.

Spring Snow

Snow touched all of the mountains around us.

More On the Way

Especially the Pah Rah Range to the west. I thought from the way the clouds were boiling around them that we were due for another blast, but it never came.

Feed the Birds

I not only put food in the bird feeder, but I also set some out on the ground for the benefit of the larger birds like the quail that can't perch on the feeder. From the tracks, a bunch of birds had already been sifting through the front yard looking for leftovers. The birds in the surrounding trees complained about my presence, but they happily swooped down upon the food as soon as I went back inside the house.

The air temperature around the time I took these pictures was about 5°C, so it was no surprise that nearly all of the snow except a few bits in sheltered areas was done within an hour or two.

I hope that lots of snow fell in the mountains and made up for the dry parts of the winter. We have enough trouble without having to also worry about a drought.
Tags: fernley, snow, weather

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