Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wildlife Adventures

Yesterday evening, as I was taking a bag of garbage to the bin, I saw a local hawk dive on one of the smaller birds drawn to our bird feeder. The hawk missed as the small bird ducked, weaved, and dove into what we call the "bird bushes" in the vacant lot east of hour house. The hawk didn't try to dive into that bush and admitted defeat.

Looking for Dinner

Flying up to the tree that overlooks Lisa's travel trailer, the hawk surveyed the scene in search of less wary prey.

Those hawks can take down birds almost as large at they are, like the pigeons that also come to peck around the ground below the bird feeder.

This wasn't as impressive as the time while riding a train from Portland to Astoria along the Columbia river when we saw a bald eagle dive and then soar away with a salmon flapping in its talons, but it's still interesting. So I guess when I feed the small birds, I'm indirectly also feeding the large ones.
Tags: birds, wildlife

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