Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Signs of the Times

The North Lyon County Fire Protection District has a changeable sign in front of the main station, which usually has things like when the next board meeting is, how much a burn permit costs, or sometimes "Go Vaqueros!" for the town's high school sports teams. But of late they've been trying to put up messages appropriate for these sheltered times. I do have to get out periodically, and the station is between our home at the post office and the Family Dollar store.

Wash Your Hands

Avoid extinction: wash your hands.

Fair Warning

Don't treat Main Street like a drag strip just because there are fewer vehicles on it these days.

Be a Hero

Be a hero.

Six Feet to Safety

In case you needed help figuring out what the minimal social distance is.

I appreciate the thought going into this, and I further appreciate the work of our fire/rescue people, who can't avoid close contact. (They dealt with a bad traffic accident yesterday involving extrication of a victim from their busted-up car, for example.) And I also know that they aren't really paid all that well, while having to be told repeatedly by local know-nothings that our taxes are too high and they should just learn to get by on what they have (without a property tax increase in twenty years). And when I say to the, "Okay, how many fire fighters and rescue workers should we lay off since we can't afford to pay them anymore thanks to your unwillingness to pay for it," they change the subject and call me names. Oddly, I thought TANSTAAFL was a Republican/Libertarian idea, but apparently the modern Republican is supposed to be "no taxes, no guv'mint, never, never, never."
Tags: fire, politics

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