Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Going Under Cover

This morning, we went to Raley's for groceries, in the hope that it would not be too crowded. (It wasn't.) We kitted up as best as we could with what we had.

Family Photo

Lisa looked at this photo and said that we look awfully sinister, except Kuma Bear, who isn't capable of looking anything but cute.

There is no requirement that people wear protective masks, and most of the people at the store did not. However, Lisa and I both felt better when we noted that the two beefy tough-looking guys who were six and twelve feet ahead of us in the queue were both wearing face masks. If they can do so, then everyone else should be able to as well.

Raley's also now has installed plexiglass shields to separate staff from customers. They allowed us to use our own bags, but they couldn't be put on the counters, which makes sense. They even listened to us when we told them to let Lisa bag stuff, to reduce the number of times they have to touch it.
Tags: coronavirus, shopping

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