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Lisa and I are still significantly offset in our sleeping schedules, so the start of my day is the end of hers. This morning after I got up and ready to go, we went to Reno in the hope that WinCo Foods wouldn't be busy on this Easter Sunday. They were not. More and more people are wearing masks, and it seems to us that more are getting that leave space between people. Even better, the supply chain seems to be slowly catching up, as we were able to get most of what we wanted, and nothing we wanted had purchase limitations.

We also went to the Raley's in Sparks because they carry there some of the things that Lisa wanted that the Fernley store does not.

Even going to the grocery store makes us nervous. At least when we get back out to the van, we figure it's safe to remove our masks after treating our hands with hand sanitizer. These two stops were enough, and I was happy to get home, where we unloaded everything and Lisa headed off to bed.

Cheryl interviewed me yesterday on Zoom (this time I got the settings right on Zoom so it picked the right microphone) as we discussed this year's Hugo Award finalists and I got to play the technical expert for her audience on Bristol's Ujima Radio.

It is for now still a waiting game. Our original schedule before the pandemic hit would have had Lisa and I up in Seattle this weekend attending Norwescon, with me flying back to the Bay Area to spend a week working at the office there and to deal with some routine (now canceled) medical/dental appointments. BayCon would have been a few weeks away, with Westercon 73 on the horizon and New Zealand after that. Now everything is canceled, postponed, virtual only, or waiting to see whether they can actually happen or not. I'm not all that confident. Personally I'm doing fine, as the transportation-management day jobbe is very busy and thanks to all of the canceled trips, I'm trying to put a dent in our debt. We're spending a lot more on groceries, of course, but we're comfortable. Things could be so much worse, and I am grateful to be having only minor worries, not major ones like losing our home or wondering where our next meal is coming from.
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