Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Swept Too Soon

As of yesterday, the fireplace had been cold for several days, so I dug ashes. That filled the ash-can outside, so I bagged up the cold ashes for disposal in tomorrow's garbage collection. This is, a I recall, only the second or possibly third time this "fire season" that I've had to dump ashes. The fire logs are very efficient.

As typically happens near the end of the "fire season," the several days of warmer weather turned cold again, and I had to restart the fire, which is always harder in a cold, ash-free stove, especially as the fire logs are round and have to be propped in place with pieces of kindling or else they will roll away. When there's a proper ash bed of 2-3 cm, the logs are more likely to stay where you put them.

I'm not unhappy about us nearing the end of fire season, though, as there are not a log of fire logs left in the wood box, and I was hoping to avoid having to find a way to get another pallet of them until September.
Tags: house
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