Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Light 'Em Up

This morning, while I was working on Day Jobbe, Lisa was coming and going doing some home improvement tasks. When I had a chance to take a break, she asked me to come upstairs to see what she'd done.

Light Housekeeping

She has started replacing the round incandescent light fixtures with the two-foot florescent long-tube fixtures in the upstairs office (originally built as a "mother-in-law" unit and not fully habitable at this time due to having no working plumbing or heating).

Lisa later went on to install a second fixture, but discovered that the third unit was damaged, so we will have to take it back to Lowe's in Reno when we can find an opportunity to do so. Under the current circumstances, it's not something for which we plan to make a special trip.

Once again, we now have more light for less power in the house. Someday, I even hope to move my home office up there, but the necessary repairs to make it usable are quite substantial and not high on our priority list at this time.
Tags: house, lisa, office

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