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Back Online

The DSL came back online around 11 AM Saturday, as Lisa discovered when she got a call on her internet phone line around that time.

We walked to the post office via the fire station, where there was a new sign.

Spell Check

Presumably someone complained about the spelling of a previous sign.

We decided to attempt a trip to WinCo Foods in Reno. We initially also thought we'd try to return the broken light fixture to Lowe's Reno where we bought it, but the number of cars in the parking lot was so large that we decided it was too risky.

WinCo had a lot more people wearing masks than last time, but the store seemed way more crowded, and people seemed to think (as some feared) that a mask was perfect protection from all problems, and keeping separation was difficult. Lisa and I wish they would make the aisles directional. Even though WinCo has wide aisles, every time we had people passing, we got nervous. The staff are pretty good, with more lines open and thus less crowding. We thanked the clerk. As WinCo is employee-owned, there is possibly less emphasis on simply generating more profits for the shareholders than in serving everyone (including the employees).

We then went to Raley's Sparks, which was not too bad. Raley's seems to be taking things pretty seriously, even if their customers are not.

Two groceries stops were more than enough, and we went home. I felt completely fried and tried to take things easy for the rest of the day.
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