Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bear Helps with the Mail

Lisa packaged up one of her radios to send to her friend Scott in Portland. While I finished up with Day Jobbe, she put Kuma Bear in charge of making sure that the box didn't walk away.

Boxing Bear

Kuma seemed puzzled by the request but dutifully stood guard until I was ready to drive us to the post office. The box was heavier than I wanted to carry for the roughly 1 km walk from our house.

Fortunately there were only a few other people at the post office, and everyone was paying attention to the Xs marked on the floor to indicate minimum spacing. Our post office has installed the plexiglass shields to shield the clerks, although of course you have to have enough room to pass boxes across the counter to one side. Lisa, Kuma, and I were the only ones wearing masks, though.
Tags: kuma bear, mail
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