Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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Westward, Ho

I'm pleased (and relieved) that the joint announcement yesterday that Westercons 73 and 74 were both being postponed a year seems to have been received so well as it was. I have answered a few people who didn't seem to get that if Westercon 74 had not been in a position to move forward a year, Westercon 73 was very likely going to have to be canceled, which would have been awful for lots of reasons. Thanks to the easy-going, convention-friendly attitude of our facilities in Tonopah, we were able to make room for our friends from Seattle, while also allowing Westercon 74 the time we'll need to restart our own plans.

One oddity of the "Westercon Two-Step" is that Westercon 74 is going to end up with the longest lead time of any Westercon ever held. Westercons have never been selected more than two years in advance, and here Tonopah ends up being selected three years before our actual convention dates. Even now, as our counter on the web site shows after we reset the start date, we are 783 days out from our convention. However, given that 2020 looks to be The Year of the Great Pause, it doesn't actually give us any more effective time, as much of the "extra" time is unusable.

Yesterday after most of the announcements were posted, I went to the Westercon 74 web site and edited the Westercon History List there, changing the dates of Westercons 73 and 74 and inserting a gap in the table between Westercons 72 and 73 with a note explaining the first-ever year without a Westercon since the convention's founding in 1948. Because Westercon, unlike Worldcon, was founded after World War II, there was no "war gap" the way there is between Worldcons 3 and 4.

People have contacted us to point out that the dates on the front page of the Westercon web site are still showing the old dates. Unfortunately, there's been a strange technical problem with the site that prevents some things (including that box) from being edited. It might be related, but the Westercon site was down for a while today. With luck the bug will be fixed soon and we'll be able to get the rest of the site updated. My thanks to Cheryl Morgan for working on it today for us.

The new Westercon 74 logo I posted yesterday had a minor error in it: the little "SM" bug had shifted to the far right beyond the 74 when I was rebuilding logos with the new dates. I've fixed it and the new icon shows the bug in the right place. "Westercon" is a service mark; "Westercon 74" is not.
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