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Batteries and Bottles

My manager told me to take a half-day off today as we start the long holiday weekend, which in my case means my day ended about 9:30 AM. I've had another phone battery go bad on me (different phone; I carry a personal and a work phone) and needed to pick up a replacement from Batteries Plus in Sparks. Lisa also was looking for a replacement battery (a 12V deep-cycle gel cell battery for RV use), but the cells from Batteries Plus are all from China. West Marine had an American-made replacement, so we went there after the first stop in Sparks. Then it was WinCo and Raley's to fill up the groceries.

Lots more people are wearing masks, but there are still folks in the stores who both are ignoring masks and also doing random walks, making it hard to avoid them. As usual, this not only slows down our shopping, but also makes it much more stressful. I think we were in Reno/Sparks for at least five hours for what should have been relatively simple errands.

While in Sparks at Raley's grocery store, we spotted this truck, which Lisa asked me to photograph for a friend.

Nucleus Pump Services

Unfortunately, while unloading the groceries, Lisa dropped the ice-filled container with perishables including a bottle of Strauss Farms chocolate milk, which broke and made a mess. This took a lot of cleaning up. Worse, the spilled milk on the sidewalk attracted a bunch of bees. Now bees are good, especially non-aggressive ones like these that were mainly interested in the spilled milk, but we wanted them to go somewhere else, so we got out the garden hose and sprayer and Lisa sprayed a lot of water to try and rinse the sweet stuff away. Later, I sprayed a vinegar solution over the area in the hope of discouraging them.

Last year this time we were on our way to Tonopah to spend the weekend there at their Jim Butler Days festival. This year, we were planning to be at BayCon, which has been put off due to the pandemic restrictions. We'll not be making long Memorial Day weekend trips this year, much as we like the travel. But some restrictions have been lifted, so if we consider it safe enough to do so, we may make a day trip sometime this weekend if we feel up to it. Even though we have a big house and empty lots around us, there's obvious stress showing on both of us. It's a good thing we aren't living in a small apartment surrounded by others, or it would be much worse.

Edit, May 23: added the nuclear truck logo from Raley's.
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