Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Off and On

Due to the hours I worked earlier this week (including on Memorial Day itself), I had/have half-days off today and tomorrow. But that didn't get me away from my workspace, as several tasks dealing with continuing cleanup of my mother and sister's estates and also a matter for my nephew (all pictured in the icon) have been accumulating. I spent my half-day off (and then some) pulling together documents and affidavits/forms that I needed to fill out and get notarized in order to (I hope) tie off loose ends. My idea was to minimize the number of trips I had to take. This afternoon, I went over to the office-supply place where there is a notary and got four documents dealt with. I'll only be able to send off three of them right away because they all want certified copies of either my sister or mother's death certificates, and I don't have enough of mom's. (More are on the way.) They all claim that they will send back the certified copies, but I frankly don't trust them. If Yuba City were closer, I could just go in to each place and show them the certificate so they could assure themselves that the things are official, make an unofficial copy, and hand it back to me. I've included SASEs for each of them to make it easier for them to give them back and also included color unofficial copies in each case. Maybe they'll do as I ask.

That whole process of dealing with all of that paperwork was more stressful than I thought it would be, and by the time I got back home from the notary, I was too exhausted to get the material ready for mailing. Besides, I need to scan all of the documents in question to retain copies of the notarized documents and everything I'm sending in case any of these places later come back and tell me they've never received anything. I wish I wasn't being cynical, but things have gone astray and people have told me they never have received things when I'm pretty sure they have.

It wasn't all stressful work today, though. Our one remaining rose bush is putting out blossoms this spring, so I got some pictures.

Roses Blooming

Because the bush is located in between the garage and the carport where we built the shelter for the travel trailer, it isn't getting as much sun as it once did. Consequently, it appears to be trying to climb up to reach more sunlight.

Roses Blooming

The middle of the bush looks half-dead, but the lower portion has a bunch of buds getting ready to open.

Roses Blooming

The upper reach is coming along nicely. Lisa tied it to a post because it was swaying around badly in the winds we get here and she didn't want it to snap off.

I like the rose bush, although I'm not much of a gardener. I managed to kill off the other bush by trimming it back too badly and I think some of the other plants strangled it. The one that remains is only a ghost of what it was when we first got here. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
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