Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Swamp Thing (Part 3)

The weather has cooled, but it's also gotten quite windy, so the next phase of the swamp cooler refurbishment moved into the garage after Lisa moved the Small Orange Pickup outside to make room.

Coating the Pan

With Lisa once again kitted up with breathing protection, she began to spray the cooler pan (previously treated with the black anti-rust under-coat) with the tan swamp cooler paint. Lisa likes that respirator. She said she didn't smell any paint at all. I was standing more than two meters away wearing a dust mask (not a heavy-duty respirator like hers) and the paint smell was very noticeable. I practiced social distancing to keep the paint fumes away and ran errands for Lisa as directed.

First Coat of Paint

Lisa used up the full can of paint coating this pan, so we had to go buy more paint while we let the first coat dry.

Inside the Grilles

After we got back, we carried the back and side grills from the wood box to the garage to be touched up. I took this picture of the back (inside) of the grills. We brushed these but did not bother chipping off more build-up because it doesn't affect the cooler's performance and you can't see it in normal service.

Painted Grilles

We discovered that the tan spray Big R sells is not exactly the same shade of beige as the cooler, but it's close. Lisa applied paint to the chipped areas of the grills and then applied an overall thin coating to give the grills a relatively even color.

Painted Parts

This is the final result of the painting, including a total of three coats on the bottom pan. This means the pan is now better painted than it was when we originally bought it! Now we just have to remember to run cooler-cleaner solution through the machine periodically and flush it more regularly, to try and prevent build-up from getting so bad again.

We need to leave all of the painted parts to sit and cure for a couple of days now. Maybe on Monday afternoon, we will be able to cut the pads to fit, reassemble the parts, and get it back inside where we can put it to work in time for summer.
Tags: "swamp cooler"

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