Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rabbit Watch

About 7 AM Sunday morning, I decided to see if if the Wigwam Restaurant, which reopened a week ago, was sufficiently lightly loaded to risk having breakfast there. On the way, I spotted one of the local rabbits, and it spotted me as well and dashed over to what it presumably thought was a safer location.

Wary Rabbit

You'll need to click through and zoom to see the rabbit clearly. It sat very still trying to pretend to be a rock or bush but also keeping one wary eye on me in case I changed direction toward it.

There were only two other patrons in the Wigwam, so I decided I could risk having breakfast. The previous morning, the parking lot was full of cars and I didn't even bother going inside. The staff of the Wigwam all are wearing masks, half of the tables are marked off to preserve distance between them, and there are no condiments on the table. Everything is brought to you so that they can wipe them down after you're done.

I enjoyed my breakfast, and I still think the risk under these conditions is low, but I do note that I'm the only customer who wore a mask into/out of the restaurant. (Obviously, I had to take it off to eat.) There have been very few cases of COVID-19 in Lyon County, and only one death, but that doesn't mean I won't take precautions, including making sure there are a minimal number of other people around.

I wonder if the people complaining about restrictions as being contrary to their Freedom think that all science can be put to a vote. Maybe they don't think the law of gravity is real, either, and it infringes upon their freedom to jump off a cliff without dying. Maybe they should organize a cliff-jumping protest to Show Gravity Who's the Boss.
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