Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

CPAP Filter Time

In addition to the primary and secondary filters on my CPAP machine, about a year ago I bought some additional in-line filters that sit between the hose and the face mask. These are to be replaced every six months, and yesterday was the day. After washing out the hose with the medical-grade disinfectant and leaving it hanging up to dry, I broke out a new filter, labeled it with the installation date, and examined the old filter.

Filter Time

That's a lot of dirt and even some more serious particulate matter built up in there. Note that this is the side of the filter connected to the mask, so what you're seeing here is more or less what I've been breathing out, whereas the other side (which is similar) is the dust getting past the other two filters. Seeing how much this filter is catching makes me glad I bought the supplemental filters.

I've been having difficulty sleeping the past two days, and it caught up to me today, when I went back to bed shortly after noon and slept for about six hours. I hope this doesn't completely scramble my sleep cycle for the week.
Tags: cpap, sleep

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