Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Wildlife Photos

We have developed a small animal wildlife refuge around Fernley House, it seems.

Evening Bunny

Here's one of the rabbits just outside the front fence. Yesterday one of the rabbits spent a good deal of he day in the scrape it had dug underneath the Large Orange Van. A few days ago I left a couple of strawberries near the scrape. The aren't there anymore, so I guess the rabbit finally realized they were edible.


There are lots of quail, and I expect there will be even more when the various nests I suspect are located in the bushes in the vacant lot to the east start hatching out.

Lisa spotted a chipmunk (the first one we've seen this year) yesterday. When it's warmer (it has mercifully cooled off for the past two days) there are lizards all about, more easily heard than seen as they skitter away through the dry leaves heading for cover. And of course there are all of the small birds that come to the feeder.

We like the critters, but we don't want them in the house. Yesterday, I heard clanking sounds coming from the "tin cat" humane mouse trap in the kitchen. I put on my gloves, took the trap outside and across the street into the railroad yard, and opened it up. I wish I'd brought the camera. Somehow, the mice had dragged a bunch of plastic trash sack inside the trap. The one that was still alive was probably a new entry. It sat there looking sort of stunned for a minute (possibly from the jostling as I carried the box outside), then jumped over the edge of the box and headed out across the railroad yard. I don't care where it goes as long as it doesn't come back inside the house. My guess is that it'll be food for one of the neighborhood cats unless one of the hawks finds it first. I dumped the debris out of the trap and reset it in the kitchen.

Mice and spiders are not welcome. The others can come and go as they please as long as they stay outside.
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