Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Too Darn Hot

I "slept in" for an hour (5:30 AM) this morning then went and had breakfast at the Wigwam because just after they open the place is empty and would be at what I would expect to be its cleanest. (They do seem to be trying to obey all of the guidelines. They may even understand that their jobs depend upon keeping their customers from getting sick and that killing your customers is not a viable business model.) As has been my practice of late, I left $20 for a $13.50 meal; yes, that's a nearly 50% tip. I've told the servers that they can consider it "hazard pay" if they like and a thank you for sticking with the guidelines even though they are often inconvenient and uncomfortable.

(And I wash my hands thoroughly and use both their provided hand sanitizer and the small bottle I carry with me multiple times.)

After breakfast I took one of the long ways home. Even at 7 AM, it was so warm that I was drenched in sweat by the time I got home after a roughly 3 km walk. I don't expect to go very far from home again today. We certainly won't go do any shopping, not on a weekend. Maybe a mid-week afternoon if I can possibly get away from work in less than a 10-to-12-hour day.

Spending most of the day near the cooler seems like a good idea. And today's projected high is "only" 38°C. My sympathies to my friends in Arizona, where I see the projected highs around 43°C or higher.
Tags: weather

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