Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rabbit Watch Continues

Friday morning I got a brief break (I needed to let a particular job run for at least ten minutes, and me watching it wouldn't make it run faster) and thus could get out for a short walk around the block. I try to do this every work morning, usually timing it for when the westbound Amtrak train comes by if I can. I saw that one of the neighborhood rabbits has recovered from the trauma of having Lisa move its favored shelter and is once again taking advantage of the van's shade.

After dinner, Lisa and I went for a walk as we try to do regularly, and as we came home we spotted a rabbit in the field to the east. It took notice of us but did not run away even when we stopped to look at it. Maybe it's getting just slightly used to us and we stayed out of its danger zone. I got out the Sony DSC-2, which has a much better zoom than the camera phone, and took some pictures. Of course the problem with a zoom is that it's hard to keep things focused, and I didn't get the tripod out. Also, one photo failed completely because the bunny chose the moment I pressed the button to start moving. However, a couple of the photos seem to have worked, more or less.

Field Rabbit

With me sitting on the front porch about 20-30m away, the bunny didn't seem to care that much and even turned its back on me as it inspected the bill of fare in the field. I've left out things like strawberries, but the rabbits have turned up their noses at them and stick to the crunchy weeds or sometimes the greener ones.

Field Rabbit

When I changed my spot to try and get a better view, the rabbit got more concerned about me, but did not immediately leave.

Lisa and I went out for a drive at dusk, and the ruckus we made getting to the van was too much for the rabbit, which decamped for the railroad yard across the street.
Tags: rabbits, wildlife

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