Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Virtual Worldcon Day -1

I've created and signed in to my CoNZealand account and attended some pre-convention social events online (in the form of Zoom conferences). Today was the first notionally official event, in that it's something that's supposed to happen at Worldcon: the initial meeting of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee. This normally happens on the first day of the Worldcon (tomorrow), but the only way to work it out so that it happened at times at least theoretically doable for all of the MPC members (stretching from Australia to NZ to the USA to the UK) to attend obliged us to hold it this afternoon.

The meeting was pretty routine. All of our reports are in the WSFS Business Meeting agenda anyway. We just tidied up some stuff from our previous meeting (held at SMOFCon last December). This is the last meeting of this particular MPC, as our "year" starts after the conclusion of the WSFS Business Meeting, which this year will be a short pro forma meeting to postpone everything that can be postponed and deal with only a couple of time-constrained items, namely Hugo Award eligibility extensions.

The MPC will hold another meeting one hour before the closing ceremonies to organize itself for the coming year. This will probably include temporarily appointing the three people whose terms expired this year to serve until next year, as the Business Meeting does not plan to hold MPC elections, letting those three seats go vacant and allowing the MPC to make temporary appointments. We'll elect six seats next year instead of three. We'll also elect officers for the coming year, which still isn't something we expect to be controversial.

After the meeting adjourned, some of us (especially those of us for whom it wasn't after midnight local time) hung around and chatted for a while. That's the part of Worldcon (and SMOFCon) that I enjoy the most, and I'm happy that at least I had a chance to socialize with some of my friends, even if we're not all in the same place.
Tags: worldcon, wsfs

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