Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon Reviews Keep Trickling In

In my e-mailbox this morning was a pointer to the latest SF Crowsnest, which includes a review of Interaction. Naturally, I eat up these reviews looking for opinions about the five major Events and was mildly disappointed that the reviewers only were at the Big Two (Masquerade and Hugo Awards Ceremony) and didn't even mention Lucas Back in Anger and the Closing Ceremonies, but hey, Worldcon is big, and nobody can see everything. I, for instance, never saw the Art Show or the Dealers Room, and would never have even set foot in Hall 3 if it hadn't been where the daily Committee (North America="Executive Committee") meeting was being held.

Still, the reviewers all seemed to have a good time, and they reported positively about the things they saw at the convention. I'm particularly pleased with this quote:
All the work of planning the event is done by amateurs - in the sense that they are not paid to do it. The event itself had a very professional feel about it.
That is exactly what we were attempting to do. At its best, this is how the Worldcon should be.
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