Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Trying to Keep Cool

The replacement part for Lisa's air conditioner hasn't yet arrived yet. The swamp cooler was doing a good job. Lisa said that there were times where she had to turn it off completely because it was getting too cold. However, this morning the float valve that lets water into the cooler from the water hose broke. An evaporative cooler that doesn't have a water supply is mainly just a large fan. Lisa expressed considerable disgust at the cheap fitting that failed, and even more so when we went to try and get a replacement from Lowe's. All of the replacements were Chinese made, and either had the exact same defect (which means they'd probably fail quickly) or else were made of such chintzy-feeling metal that Lisa figured they would fail as well, just in a different way. So things are getting complicated.

Today was the first day of the delivery window for the replacement motor, so fingers crossed that it arrives soon.
Tags: lisa, trailer

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