Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Relief on the Horizon

The replacement motor for Lisa's air conditioner arrived today, and she says it looks like the correct match. She will replace it as soon as conditions permit. The weather forecast shows a slight drop in temperatures coming up later this week, which will make it a bit easier to do the work. Doing the work under cover (the carport shelter) helps a lot as well because it's in the shade rather than under blazing sun.

The temporary workaround with the small swamp cooler continues to work, although it does require manually refilling it with water every couple of hours because of the failure of the float valve. This is similar to how we have to refill the 30-liter inside swamp cooler. The overnight lows get down below 20°C, which does at least allow us to dump some of the heat back outside. I end up getting the living room a bit cooler than I'd prefer in the morning, but that's necessary to try and get ahead of the afternoon heat.

With post-Worldcon exhaustion still a factor, I fell into bed about 5 PM today, waking up again around 10 PM, and I expect to go back to bed soon and pay back more of the sleep I borrowed last week.
Tags: house, lisa

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