Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Ziggurat Removal

Once the small swamp cooler ran out of water, Lisa and I removed it and set it to one side. Lisa removed the braces holding the "ziggurat" of pallets together, and the pallets are now stored once again along the breezeway between the house and the garage.

Returning to Normal

We once again can walk along the carport that we widened a few years ago without having to squeeze past the temporary swamp cooler installation.

Lisa says the air conditioner is working just fine, and probably better than it has in many years now that it has a new motor and that she removed all of that crud from the condenser unit. She'd never gone in there before because you have to remove a shroud from the unit. She suggests that many of these RV air conditioning units have been replaced when what they really needed was just a thorough cleaning.
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