Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bird Brain

I have been so discombobulated lately that I went two consecutive days where I forgot to refill the bird feeder, which is part of my morning routine. Not surprisingly, the birds have gone elsewhere. I'm sure they'll be back once they learn that the free food is back on offer.

I'm slowly coming back to myself as the lumps on my head shrink. This isn't as bad as the time where I walked into a closed sliding glass door (not through it, thank goodness), but it's close. At least I seem to be sufficiently myself to get the Day Jobbe done, but I'm really glad that my commute is five meters across the living room instead of fifty kilometers driving myself. Walking around the block (which I did this morning thanks to some blessed cloud cover that made the temperature tolerable) is about all I'm up to doing right now.

A minor irritant: I had hoped to get a haircut this week, but I'd rather not do so until the lumps are gone. I wouldn't blame my barber for bumping a sore spot, and I don't want to make unnecessary work for her. The job can wait. It waited a lot longer earlier this year.
Tags: wildlife
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