Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More BART in Fernley

When I was over at the Flying J truck stop, I saw another new BART car being transported by road.

BART on the Road

Eventually they will get the assembly plant in the Bay Area running so that the rest of the order is built locally and doesn't have to be transported by road like this.

I don't think these things should have been moved by road in the first place. They should have put them on flatcars and transported them by rail. No, they couldn't have transported them on their own wheels. Beside the fact that BART uses a non-standard gauge and transit couplers, not the kind you see connecting freight and passenger standard rail cars, you wouldn't want to move a transit vehicle in an over-the-road train anyway; they don't meet the same standards. But it still seems to me that they should have been able to transport them by rail rather than on rubber tires.
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