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Smoky Monsoon Weather

The big fire over by Loyalton, and a number of smaller fires started by various thunderstorms, produced smoke that was bad enough in Reno that they canceled the first day of in-person classes today due to the poor air quality.

Smoky Weather

Here's what the smoke looked like mixed in with clouds that brought thunder, lighning, and fortunately rain.

Monsoon Season

Here's the first part of the storm when I started hearing the rain clattering on the metal awning over the front door.

Monsoon Season

It didn't take long for the storm to start dropping a fair bit of water.

Monsoon Season

I could stand under the awning and stay dry, because there wasn't a lot of wind on this side of the house as I panned back and forth across the adjacent lot.

Monsoon Season

It doesn't take long under this sort of rain for water to start pooling.

Monsoon Season

While we are on relatively high ground here, it's still flat, so the ancient lake bed holds water in place. The big puddle is where we've been doing our brush burning. (It's a good place with bare ground around it.)

After the Storm

After a second round of rain, the storm passed through, leaving the air somewhat clearer, the temperatures about 10°C cooler (a very welcome break), and with a substantial percentage of our annual precipitation. It's probably an exaggeration to say we can get 20% of the annual total in twenty minutes, but only a small one.

We had a smaller round of thunderstorms this afternoon, which again dropped the temperatures from around 38°C to 28°C, and that's nice. I'm glad the rain didn't start until after I got back from an errand I had to run to Fallon, because I'm still driving the Rolling Stone until I can make arrangements to take the Astro in to have the air conditioning fan repaired (I suspect the fan switch is the problem; it's happened before), and the RV never handles well under the best of conditions. Driving it in high winds and driving rain is not the best of conditions. Also, my errand was taking almost a year's worth of accumulated recycling to the nearest facility that I've been able to find (there are none in Fernley), and unloading the cans, bottles, and carboard in the rain and wind would not have been fun.
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