Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

And the Rain Continues

After Sunday's thunderstorms, we had another round on Monday, and then once again, today on Tuesday, the clouds rolled in again for a third straight day. The initial rain first sounded like hail, but was just very large raindrops. We had two or three waves of rain, which refilled all of the hollows previously soaked and then some.

Monsoon Day 3

With the ground somewhat saturated, the puddles were bigger. I expect it will be dry again tomorrow, though.

Monsoon Day 3

Of course we don't get true flooding here. For that you need a catastrophe like when the Truckee Canal breached a few years before we bought our house. (Where we live is not in that flood zone.)

While the rain came through, an extremely late running westbound Amtrak California Zephyr came creeping along through Fernley, waiting for an oncoming freight train to make its way into Fernley siding. Unfortunately, as the freight train, with five locomotives on the point, was working its way through the 10 mph switch at West Fernley, an air line parted between two of the locomotives. That put the train into an emergency stop, and the conductor walked back to find where the problem was. That took at least thirty minutes, while Amtrak sat waiting, with it's train's conductor "on the ground" outside the train as well, protecting the train. However, I heard him on the radio as the rain intensified, pointing out that he could hear more thunder and see more lightning, and he was getting increasingly nervous standing out there next to such large pieces of metal, so he "came inside" back on board his train. Eventually, the UP freight's conductor was able to patch the air line back together sufficiently for the freight to pull completely into the siding and allow Amtrak to keep limping toward the Bay Area.

I did not get photos of the trains at Fernley because I decided to stay inside myself, not only to keep from getting wet, but also because, like the Amtrak conductor, I was concerned about the threat of lightning. I didn't take the photos above until the rain stopped and the lightning subsided.

I have no complaints here. There have been no lightning-caused fires locally, and the rain makes the temperatures more bearable, although it was noticeably muggy between the two waves of rain today. Lisa and I are staying under cover and near the air conditioning.
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