Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Nothing to Complain About

I certainly don't want to make my comments about our sudden thunderstorms make it seem like I think we're in any danger of flooding, because we're not. And the water generally goes away quicker than you might expect, but not, I think, due to it being absorbed by the ground here.

Day After the Storm

Day After the Storm

Compare these two photos with those from yesterday taken from nearly the same place. I think most of the water evaporated rather than sinking into the ground. It's that dry here. Things were blessedly cool yesterday evening and overnight because of it.

We have a lot of smoke here now from all the fires to the west. Even without the pandemic, if I go out to collect the mail and walk to the store to get some milk, I'd be wearing a mask today. But we have nothing to complain about. My thoughts are with those of you, including friends and acquaintances of mine, who have had to evacuate from their homes.
Tags: fire, smoke, weather

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