Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not the Visit to Middle-Earth I had in Mind

So apparently life has decided that since I couldn't go to Middle-Earth and visit Hobbiton this year, that a part of Middle-Earth should come to me.

Visit Scenic Mordor

I did walk to the post office and the Family Dollar store to buy milk yesterday afternoon. I would have worn a mask even without the pandemic. My eyes burned and my head started aching from the smoke. While walking home, the sun (which had not been visible at all) cleared enough to cast a red pall over Fernley, in the worst air conditions I can recall since the 2015 Worldcon in Spokane. I wish I'd been slightly faster with the camera so I could have gotten a picture of the sun partially covered by clouds of smoke, but we did have our little bit of Mordor right here in Nevada anyway.

Where did the Mountains Go?

Back at home, the Pah Rah Mountains were gone. Those mountains are a good thousand meters higher than our house and you've seen them a lot in my pictures, but the smoke hid them completely.

Lisa and I are staying indoors almost exclusively. She's got the air conditioning in the travel trailer, and I have the swamp cooler in the living room, which helps a bit. OTOH, I normally want to keep the windows open at night to let the heat out, and that's not necessarily a good idea under current conditions. And yet, with all that, we're in so much better shape than people to the west of here. What I've seen of the Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley is so much worse.

What we all need is rain without wind and lightning.
Tags: smoke, weather

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