Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Virtual NASFiC Day 1

The Columbus NASFiC is holding a virtual convention this weekend, but because Day Jobbe is insanely busy, I didn't get freed up to check in until after the items I might have wanted to see were over. I did attend their evening party set-up, which (unlike the Zoom meetings used at Worldcon and that they will use for tomorrow night) had you "walking around" in a virtual park, and if you were near others, you could hear and talk to them. This in my opinion was better for reproducing the "room party" environment where different groups could break off and chat, rather than the Zoom parties, where you really can only have one conversation per breakout room.

I enjoyed myself, but based on my personal schedule, started running out of steam at 8 PM PT, but that's 11 PM ET, and that that's the con's time zone, so maybe that's about the right time to call it a night.
Tags: nasfic
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