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A Different Angle on the Haze

On Saturday morning, I was out doing an errand and stopped at Black Bear Diner / Fernley Nugget Casino to take a couple of photos of the smoke and haze over Fernley from a different angle.

East Fernley

The bridge carries US-95A over the Union Pacific tracks over to Interstate 80.

East Fernley

The railway signals control East Fernley, the east end of Fernley Siding. Our house is approximately at the midway point of the 9954-foot-long siding. From in front of our house, we can see the signals at West Fernley, but not East Fernley, because there are buildings that block to view to the east.

On Sunday morning, while I was monitoring Westercon 74's virtual bid table at the Columbus NASFiC, Gary Blog asked what the smoke was like, so I took a photo from the front porch and found a comparable angle from last January for comparison.

Firewood Delivery

Here's a clear January day last January right after we had taken delivery of two pallets of North Idaho Energy Logs. You can see big rigs on Interstate 80 in the distance and the hills north of Fernley beyond.

Hazy Sunday

Yesterday was quite different. It was just barely possible to make out the freeway if you knew what your were looking for, but the hills to the north were lost in the haze.

Goodness only knows what things would be like if there were any fires closer to us. I read this afternoon that the Loyalton fire is completely contained. That's the one where there was a "fire tornado" warning. You want to see what it looked like, check out this time-lapse video that Kat brought to my attention. This video is from a place called Hallelujah Junction (US-396 and CA-70, a few miles north of the Nevada-California state line) on the road from Reno to Susanville. I reckon that people escaping from the area said a few "Hallelujahs" of their own.
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