Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Quail in the Haze

We continue to get quail coming to the bird feeder.

Quail Family Feeding

Here's a picture from a couple of days ago where I was able to get a shot of several of the quail, including some of the young ones following their parents. When they get brave, they duck under the front gate to browse on the area directly under the bird feeder.

Yesterday, a small group of them got stuck inside the fence as the babies aren't old enough to fly and they panicked and ran the wrong way when I came out onto the front porch. The parents flew over the fence and looked very agitated as I went down and shooed the little ones back toward the front gate where they could run to their parents.

Red Sun at Morning

This morning, as the sun struggled to cut through the smoky haze, a lone quail perched in a bush in the lot next door.

I like having all of these birds around, but it's not always easy to get pictures of them, as they tend to scatter as soon as they notice me.
Tags: quail, wildfires
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