Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Quail Herding and Rabbit Watching

I've been keeping the longer-zoom camera near the front door and sometimes I even manage to get a picture more or less in focus.

Quail Crossing

There are several sets of quail with chicks of varying ages. I got this shot of one family making their way across Front Street.

Stranded Quail Chicks

Here are the quail chicks about which I wrote yesterday, shortly after their parents had flown over the fence and were anxiously fluttering around on the other side while the chicks didn't quite realize that they were stuck. As I said yesterday, I walked down there and shooed the chicks down to a point where they could get through the fence and rejoin their parents.

Bunny Breakfast

This morning, shortly after dawn, I got this picture of two of the local rabbits doing one of the things I want them to do more of: eat the tumbleweeds. They looked up at me when I came onto the porch, but decided I was not a threat.

A picture I wish I'd gotten was of one of the small hawks that are draw here by the birds using the feeder. It flew up and perched for a moment on the wall next to the front door, less than two meters from me looking from inside the screen door. Unfortunately, when I tried to reach my camera, the bird flew off. It briefly perched on the fence, but before I could get the camera to focus, it headed toward the "bird bushes" in the adjacent vacant lot, where it made a play for what I assume was a family of quail sheltering in the bush. Several birds flew away, and the hawk set off after them, while the rabbits also ran for cover.

I would prefer that the hawks mostly took mice, but I understand that they have to eat, too.
Tags: wildlife

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