Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Small Boxing Day

This morning when I came to work, I had a present on my desk.

Birthday Present

"It's not a new chair," Lisa cautioned me.

I said, "I didn't think so; not unless it's a dehydrated chair that needs a lot of water!"

Swiss Army Nail Care Kit

Lisa gave me a genuine Victorinox Swiss Army (the logo is on the other side of the case, but you can just barely make it out also imprinted on the clippers) nail care kit: nail clipper, scissors, and file/cleaner. We ran across one of these on our trip to SMOFCon in Albuquerque last year, and I regretted not picking it up at the time, so Lisa decided to give me one.

This will be a very handy thing to carry around with me, as long as I don't forget (once airline travel is safe again) and leave it in my backpack and get it confiscated as a Dangerous Terrorist Weapon.
Tags: birthday, lisa

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