Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Smoking It Up

There are three filters on my CPAP machine: a reusable foam primary filter that I clean and replace every two weeks; a single-use secondary filter that I replace every four weeks, and a tertiary filter between the hose and the mask that I replace every six months. Today was the day for replacing the secondary filter.

CPAP Filters Before & After

The filter on the left is new out of the package. The one on the right has been in the machine the past four weeks while smoke and dust blew through, albeit nowhere near as badly as those to the west of us had to contend with.

I sleep more easily not only because the CPAP keeps me from snoring, but also because its triple-filtering the air. This is about the only filtering I get, because we do have to keep the windows open at night except in the worst conditions.
Tags: cpap
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