Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Breakfast A/t/ From the Wigwam

As regular readers know, I very much like breakfast at the Wigwam restaurant in Fernley. They are allowed to be open at limited capacity with enhanced cleaning and so forth, and I went there a few times (usually right after they opened at 6 AM to minimize other exposure). However, Lisa has asked me to stop eating there or at any other indoor restaurant, because of her concerns about the pandemic. I can understand her worries, particularly because I reckon more than half the people around here still think this is all a Liburul Hoaxy Hoax by Hoaxers who are traitors because they don't Obey The Orders of the Great Dear Orange Leader Who is Perfect and Holy and Must be President for Life and Beyond Because Reasons and that being ordered to wear a mask to protect themselves and everyone around them is the same as being thrown into a concentration camp.

This morning, I wanted to get a "hangover" breakfast burger from the roadside burger shack, but it turns off that they're taking the long holiday weekend off. So I walked a block over to the Wigwam and ordered my favorite breakfast to go, doing my best to stay well clear of everyone else. I wouldn't have wanted to eat inside today anyway, because they were completely full (at 50% capacity).

As a bonus, because I thought the burger shack might be off on holiday like that, I brought one of my Wigwam free-play coupons with me, so not only did I get my favorite breakfast, but I was able to convert enough free play to real money so that the breakfast was effectively free, including a generous tip to the staff. It's only a three block walk (albeit a warm one as it's getting plenty hot here) home, where I had US Open tennis (Serena Williams v. Sloane Stephens) to watch.
Tags: fernley, restaurants, wigwam

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