Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Birds and Bunnies

We appear to have been established on the local wildlife's foraging patterns, especially as long as we regularly refill the bird feeder. This morning, as I was eating my breakfast, Lisa came in and observed that the birds were getting very noisy as we hadn't fed them yet. She went outside (the birds scattered, of course) and fed them their breakfast.

Wait Your Turn!

Within a minute or two after she came back inside, the birds descended upon the feeder again, sometimes three abreast on each side of the feeder with others on the roof and others queued upon the fence trying to find an opening to force their way onto the feeder. Meanwhile, other birds squabbled over the feed that spilled to the ground both while Lisa was refilling the feeder and knocked loose by the birds on the feeder.


Several flocks of quail have something of a pattern that includes the vacant lots on both sides of our house and the area near the bird feeder. It's tricky to get their picture, though, because they scatter at the slightest movement. I've discovered that sometimes if I sit on the porch and don't make any noise or sudden movement, they'll sometimes forget that I'm there.

There are several rabbits around. I'm not sure how many of them. Last year I think I saw four at once. This summer, the most I've seen at one time is two. The thunderstorms we had a few weeks ago caused a quick bloom, and that's good news for the rabbits.

Eat Them Weeds!

I've been uprooting the plants that grow along our fence line, for fire-defense reasons, but have left these other plants farther away alone. The rabbits seem to like them. Indeed, when I've left out strawberries and blueberries that have gone mushy, they don't seem to know what to make of them (some critter eventually eats the surplus fruit) and stick to the crunchy thistles.

Aside from the smoke, this is a great time of year for sitting out on the front porch in the evening and watching the local urban wildlife.
Tags: birds, rabbits, wildlife

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