Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Stay at Home, Stay Safe

I have two reasons to stay at home, and one to stay indoors most of the time.

Hazy Skies

The smoke continues to blanket the area. The camera cuts through much of the haze, as in this picture of a passing train from the front gate I took this morning.

Mask Up -- Against the Smoke

There's a lot more smoke in the air that you can see. As it has much of the past few days, the smoke hides the mountains and hills around us. I wear a face mask to go out even on our own property, to try and cut down on breathing smoke.

Red Sun over Fernley

It's not as bad as the worst day of the Spokane Worldcon, but the sun is reduced to a red ball that you can (briefly) look at without burning out your retina.

The other reason for staying home as much as possible is that Dear Glorious Orange Leader held a campaign rally in Minden (south of Carson City) this weekend, after initially being told he couldn't do the event at a Reno aircraft hanger.

Of course the event violates the orders from Nevada's governor banning gatherings larger than 50 people, but his sycophants think the governor of Nevada is a tyrant who should be overthrown anyway, and they all think this virus is a hoax anyway. Anyway, many Trumpistas flocked to Minden last weekend (unmasked, of course, because they are Freely Free People Who are Free), signing their "If I get COVID-19, I won't sue Donald Trump" waivers with glee, and it will take at least a couple of weeks for this latest super-spreader event to work out its effects. I'm sure that any of them who get sick will blame it on Democrats and claim it's a hoax even as they get tubes stuffed down their throats. The low population density out here has mostly kept us safe, but the high density of many of the members of that same population endangers all of us.

This isn't specific to Nevada, of course; there are plenty of Trumpistas all over the west; they're just outvoted in most of these places, which of course is proof to them that there must be a bunch of "illegals" voting, since the only legal votes are for the National Trumpist Dominationist Party.

Anyway, I hope that two or three weeks will be enough before it will be safe to go as far as Reno again.
Tags: covid-19, politics, smoke

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