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Not much different today. Smoke everywhere. Can't close all of the windows because that's how we cool the house. But the swamp cooler does take some of the smoke out of the air.

I did not gain wait during the the first part of the lockdown, because I work from home anyway, and walking is my usual exercise. But for most of he past month, the air quality has deteriorating. I'm slightly asthmatic to start with, and although there are no AQI readings for Fernley that I can find that include smoke, I'm sure we're at least at high-Moderate. I've suffered some coughing spells already. Consequently, I've gained 4-5 kg in the past month!

I feel guilty for driving to the post office (about 1 km away), but if I walk, I'll start wheezing and coughing, even with a face mask. Lisa says we might have to get another full respirator like she wears when she's painting. At least I sleep fairly well, thanks to the filters on my CPAP.
Tags: health, smoke, wildfires

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