Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Breathing Easier

A change in the weather has led to most of the wildfire smoke dispersing. Yesterday was vastly better than the days prior.

Rain Clouds = Clearer Skies

A weak weather system with a tiny bit of moisture in it (we got a few raindrops) caused the smoke to disperse over Fernley.

Rain Clouds = Clearer Skies

While there is still some smoke in the air, you can see the Pah Rah Mountains again.

Yet More Haze

For comparison, this is what it looked like on Thursday, only a day before the above two photos.

There was a little bit more smoke in the air today, but nothing much, and the AQI in Reno dropped back below 50 (clear), which was a great relief. Maybe I can start walking again without worrying about coughing fits.
Tags: fernley, smoke, weather, wildfires

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