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Green Machine in Fernley

Most of the locomotives used on the "little BN" (BNSF local switch job) with older paint jobs have been former Santa Fe, but every now and then we get one of the locomotives from the other merger partner, and today was one of those days.

Green Machine

The "Big BN" through freight stopped in Fernley today and dropped off this former Burlington Northern GP50, which will be used by local.

I expect the local will leave one of their current units (both painted in versions of the BNSF paint scheme) behind when they next come out to Fernley, and a "Big BN" job will collect it to take it for its required 90-day inspection. Because we're a long way from the nearest BNSF facilities (Stockton and Richmond CA, I think), they just shuttle switching locomotives here every three months, or sometimes sooner when they break down.

Meanwhile, work continues on the cable/telephone replacement project. Today we went to Big R and got a masonry drill bit and screws and a metal U bracket to attach the new conduit to the outside wall. Lisa got out the impact drill we bought for the carport project and made short work of drilling a hole in the rock. Actually she first tried a hole in the mortar, but it turned out to be too soft to hold a screw, so she had to put it in the rock, which worked just fine. That drill wasn't cheap, and probably has less than 30 minutes aggregate run time on it, but the many hours it has saved compared to trying to use a smaller, less-fit-for-purpose tool to drive anchors into concrete and masonry have made it well worth the purchase.

While owning a home means lot of extra work in some ways, it's so nice to not have to ask anyone's permission if you want to drill a hole in your own wall.
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