Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Tree Trimming

Now that autumn has arrived, the shade afforded by the tree-of-heaven outside the front porch is no longer necessary, and we want to reduce leaf-fall on the porch because we plan to repaint again soon.

End of Summer Tree Trimming

It may look like we've killed that tree by cutting it back so viciously, but we've learned that even reduced to just a few stalks, this thing will regrow next spring.

Tree Trimmings

This pile is the leaves and branches Lisa cut. I hauled them over to the growing brush pile for later disposal.

Tree Trimmings

Without the foliage, you can barely tell the tree is there at all.

Cutting these trees back this much reduces how much they produce pollen because they end up spending most of their energy on replacing the branches we cut, and that's fine with us. I expect to be cutting back more trees in the next few weeks during the autumn window of good weather for outdoor work.
Tags: house, lisa, trees
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