Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Installing Insulation

The replacement pre-filters for the 3M respirator arrived last week, so Lisa was able to change out the old filters and venture under the house again.

New Filter and Old

The new pad on the left is certainly a big contrast with the old pad on the right. Remember that this is only the outer "pre-filter" meant to catch large particulates. This fits over the main vapor filter that screens out vapor, mold, and lighter stuff. Lisa says that it's surprisingly easy to breath through this. It's much easier than cloth or paper masks.

One of the things that has bothered Lisa is how poorly insulated our house is. There is no under-floor insulation. You can really feel that in the winter, particularly in those rooms (like the bedroom) that have no carpet. A few days ago, we bought one roll of insulation and on Sunday, Lisa took it under the house to see how hard it would be to install. She reports that it was surprisingly easy, allowing for the general hassle of crawling around in an enclosed space. When we bought the insulation, we also got some little wire things that you wedge between the floor beams to hold the insulation in place. Lisa said this works well, and she didn't even have to staple the insulation into place.

After coming back to the surface, de-kitting, and getting cleaned up, Lisa had us go over to Lowe's, where we bought eight more rolls of insulation. Fortunately, our under-floor beams are at standard spacing. (Given how haphazardly the place was built, this was not a given.) As Lisa's energy permits, she hopes to insulate the entire area under the bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

If this reduces the amount of firewood we have to burn by as little as 2/3 of a pallet, the cost of the insulation will be paid off in a single season.
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