Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lizard Time

Yesterday was warm enough that I had the front door open. I started to head outside for something and saw this on the inside of the screen door.

Little Lizard

This little lizard (probably a yellow-backed spiny lizard, based on a little image searching) was climbing up the inside of the door.

Little Lizard

I like having lizards on our property, but I'd rather not have them inside the house, but instead outside eating insects.

Little Lizard

I slowly opened the screen door, and the lizard scuttled down onto the porch, pausing long enough for me to snap one more photo before it headed away over the side of the porch.

Having lizards on the property seems like a good thing to me. Cats that chase and eat the lizards, not so much.
Tags: house, lizards, wildlife
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