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BNSF Anniversary Train

Late this afternoon, the "big BN" train came to Fernley to drop off/pick up cars from the Fernley House Tracks. Hearing it arrive, I went out on the porch and realized that the lead locomotive had a special paint scheme. It was coming in slowly enough that I had time to grab my camera phone and activate the camera and get a couple of shots.

BNSF 6163 Anniversary Locomotive

BNSF 6163 is one of ten locomotives painted in a special scheme to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe. Besides the BN and ATSF logos, the scheme includes other predecessors of both roads: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Frisco (St. Louis & San Francisco), Colorado & Southern, and Spokane, Portland & Seattle. The CB&Q emblem is lost in the shadow to the left of the GN in this shot.

When I ready about this special BNSF paint scheme in the current issue of Trains, I hoped that one of the units would come by our house, and I was lucky that it arrived with the timing necessary for me to get a picture of it.
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